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Look (and feel) Happy in the Rain

apollina baker

via The Real Me

It's a wet day in DC and the forecast is calling for rain now through Sunday.  I used to feel contempt for rainy days because it meant I had to put my hair in a tight bun, wear drab apparel (usually slouchy pants, a less-than-ironed button down and flats), and no makeup and just wait for the day to be over.  Rainy days to me were like throw-away days, just a waste.  I don't know why, maybe thanks to all the street style blogs, but I started to realize that rain doesn't have to equate with gloom and drear and I certainly don't have to perpetuate that feeling by matching my look to it.  Instead of using the rain as an excuse to go into the office with a greasy head, I now view it as a reason to be more deliberately stylish in order to lift my mood and defy the dismal wetness.  Other than a few practical necessities like an umbrella, a trench and rain boots for the morning walk to the metro, I choose an ensemble I would want to wear if it was a bright, sunny day.  I do my hair and makeup too because I don't want to feel this day is undeserving of my best (not that you have to wear makeup to be at your best but I personally need the differentiation between bedtime-face and day-face).  It really does make all the difference.  Now, I feel like I can use this day to its fullest, like say yes to an invitation to happy hour or meet a friend at an art show after work.  Instead of dressing like I need to run straight home after work, I dress for a day full of possibility.  Besides, a rainy day can sometimes be a great accessory to your look:) 

Be cheerful!


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