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apollina baker

I have three sisters, Aisha, Astiana and Ahdazsa (all four of our names start and end with the letter "A") and I could never love anyone as I love them.  I can't imagine existing without my sisters, they are a part of me.  We were born two years apart and anytime someone would take our picture we automatically stood in birth order, like stair steps.  There is a ton to say about my sisters.  We are each very different.  Our personalities and quirks are unique and varied among us.  We are each affected and motivated by different things.  There is one thing you can do though, to get us all crying like babies, talk about how much we mean to each other.  Our love for each other is overwhelming.  Regardless of how often we see each other or how we express our affection, we get incredibly emotional when we talk, or even think about our sisters.  God gave us an amazing gift giving us each other, and we feel it.  This past Friday marked the 9 year anniversary of the death of one of my sisters, Asti.  Asti and I were the two middles, she was 19 when she died.

We have already been through a lot together and there is still so much more to come.  We are about to embark on uncharted territory - motherhood.  My baby sister just announced on Friday, June 10th, a day we usually remember death and sadness, that she and her husband are going to have there first child.  How beautiful and exciting that there will be new life and a new chapter in our books!  Ahdazsa (we call her Das) is going to be a Mom and Aisha and I are going to be Aunts!

I was always nervous for this new phase of life; the dynamic will undoubtedly change - from sisters to wives, mothers and aunts.  There will be new priorities and values now.  And, although we won't be picking up on the fly to take trips together or go out partying late into the night any time soon,  it's an exciting time.  This new chapter is an awesome thing and we are ready for it.

I wish Asti was here to share this moment, we miss her so much.  A huge part of her never left though, she is our sister and that never goes away.  Das will tell her little one about Aunt Asti and Aisha and I will tell our kids someday.  There might be a larger gap between the stair steps in photos now, but Asti fills the same space in our hearts and in our lives as she always has.  No matter what happens, we have three sisters and we could never love anyone as we love each other.

Ast would be so happy and excited for you Das.  Congratulations!!