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apollina baker

Ever since I have returned from my trip, I have worn my hair curly.  See, it is naturally pretty curly, not as corkscrew curly as it used to be before I started flat ironing it 10+ years ago, but curly nonetheless.  When I was in Mexico, the humid hot temps made my hair curl like it did when I was little and, although I usually hate that "little girl with curls feeling" (that's why I straighten it - to feel more adult and professional), right now I totally love it.

I think sometimes we can be a bit afraid of our full hair.  We call it crazy and poufy and frizzy and we treat it like our enemy.  My mom used to brush my curls out and send me to school (see exhibit one, below) and I equated it with physical and emotional abuse.  Mom did this to my sisters too, they just got lucky this particular day I guess...

More than ever before, I am finding curly hair really pretty.  I used to HATE my curly hair but right now it feels right.  Maybe that's why I love seeing women and girls I pass on the street or sit next to on the metro with a head full of curls or big waves.  I'm thinking it's time to start seeing big hair again.  

And in general, let's not be afraid of volume, it's so pretty!

Pixiwoo did a few awesome tutorials on how to get volume like in the above pictures. Check out her hair tutorials: Big Hair; Hair Up Volume & Brigitte Bardot Hair.

Images via Pinterest