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The Midi Dress

apollina baker

We all know what a mini skirt is and we all know what a maxi dress is.  Are we all aware, however, of the Midi?  It is the term for a frock that hits anywhere from the knee to the calf.  I am a HUGE fan of mid-length skirts and dresses but had no idea until recently that there was a term for them!  ASOS has a whole section devoted to midi dresses, here are a few:

And if you do a search on eBay for "midi dress" you get all sorts of wonderful results, like this:

I have been wearing things like this for years and really love the classy, conservative feel of them.  I wear a bunch of my Mom's old dresses and skirts, all in this same style.  You can find treasures like the ones above in thrift and vintage stores and it's fun to dig for them!  If you're not into digging for your clothes,  the midi is a serious trend right now so you can find them anywhere.  I have already added 3 H&M midi skirts to my wardrobe this spring:)