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Blue Velvet Ruffle Cake

apollina baker

I have been wanting to make a ruffle cake ever since I saw first saw one and I finally did it!  I wasn't sure which color to make mine... Pink and coral are so pretty and they look so nice against a rich dark chocolate... Red might be fun too, maybe against a pink cake...  I decided to go with blue icing and blue velvet cake after talking with Lauren Wade, my NovaLash stylist and fellow lover of all things baking.  While she is making my lashes long and lush, we usually dish about our latest baking endeavours.  Last visit, she was telling me about the blue velvet cupcakes she made using a recipe she found on Sprinkle Bakes.  So, I sought out this curious little recipe and decided to use it for my ruffle cake...

It turned out to be delicious!   The cupcake recipe filled 3 8-inch round cake pans and then I sliced them each in half.  The batter was such a pretty bright blue!  So was my mouth as I tasted it along the way... except not so pretty.

You can find the Blue Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing recipe I used here.

For the icing I used Sky Blue gel food coloring and a Wilton 125 petal tip to create the ruffles.  I watched this tutorial on how to do it and it was surprisingly easy to do!  I think this blue cake would be great for a boy baby shower.  Next time I'll try out the cupcakes.  You could also do half red velvet and half blue velvet with white icing for 4th of July. YUM~

Let me know if you try out the ruffle cake or the blue velvet and send pics!