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Pics from the weekend

apollina baker

Sunday was a beautiful day and I was inspired to take a few pictures!  After lingering in my bed reading The Week and the most recent Vanity Fair, I made some coffee and fooled around online, checking emails, etc.  

I have had a blank wall for over a year and I finally filled the space with framed mirrors and pictures. 

The frame on the bottom left holds a poem that my sister Asti wrote entitled, A Simple Request.  The frame on the bottom right holds a drawing my Dad did of me when I was little.



 Made a delicious spinach, goat cheese frittata with sun-dried tomatoes, yum!



It was so easy and so good.

I tried on my new shoes that I just received in the mail.  I had to have these shoes for the summer!  They are kind of ridiculous but they'll b e great with too-long maxi dresses.  I probably wore them around my apartment for far too long;)

And I just enjoyed the beautiful day.  It was still a bit chilly here in D.C. but it was a good day to relax inside with the balcony door wide open...