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Planning a Trip: The New Dali Museum

apollina baker

At 11am, on 1/11/11, the new Dali Museum opened in St. Petersburg, Fla.

I have been to the old Dali Museum twice before and I am planning a trip to the new one this summer. I have loved Salvador Dali's surrealist paintings for as long as I can remember.  The architecture of the new museum is inspired by Dali himself, a geodesic glass "Enigma" that encloses a foyer and grand spiral staircase while providing a view of St. Pete's bay front.

The architect Yann Weymouth of the Tampa-based HOK studio, who worked alongside I.M Pei in the overhaul of the Louvre in Paris), designed the Museum and AOL Travel declared it one of the Buildings You Have to See Before You Die.  I'm looking forward to visiting it with my Dad, an artist, a Dali lover, and a Floridian.  


Love Story (albeit unconventional):

Dali had an almost obsessive love for his wife, Gala, a woman 10 years his senior.  To say Dali was extravagant is an understatement and the things he did to get Gala's attention were no different.  For example, during their courtship, Dali waxed his armpit and dyed it blue, applied goat excrement upon himself and wore a red geranium on his head.  These things would no doubt be off putting to the usual woman (myself certainly included) however, for Gala, this fit her fancy. 

Dali was giddy around Gala to the point that every time he tried to talk to her, he suffered uncontrollable laughing attacks.  Dali fell on his knees laughing while declaring his love for her during a stroll in Cabo de Creus,  to which Gala responded, "... my boy, let us never to be separated..."

Gala's image appeared in many of his paintings and when she died in 1982, Dali reportedly said, "...she is not dead, she will never die..."

Dali and his wife, Gala


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